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The Principality of Caledonia


The Principality of Caledonia is the one of a group of seven Principalities that legally annexed the National Estate of Australia in 1992-3 and formed a treaty nation which combined holds the national estate in trust for the people.

The Government of, The Commonwealth of Australia abdicated no later than 1986, because of the human rights they were, and still are taking away from the people without consent of the people or the Westminster Parliament.

Under the:

  The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (U.K.)
  The State Imperial Application Act of NSW
  The State Imperial Application Act of Qld
  The State Imperial Application Act of Vic

Which binds our human rights and ties All The Great Statues in place for ever, and cannot be changed. All States and Territories are bound through the Act of Settlement 1700 to have the same rights and once given shall never be taken away.

Lord Bracton wrote:

“Where the will rules and the Law does not, The King is Dead “

This means if the Government of the day, rules by the will of the Government and not the LAW, then they are deemed to be dead,

They have abdicated !

Everyday in The Courts of Australia, The Judges rule by the will of the Government not by the Law, they abdicate the Government and declare war on the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of British Israel
(in the section of Annexing is Annex 26)

“What is the truth cannot be destroyed, and what is not the truth, doesn’t exist anyway!”